Desktop Application Development

We develop and deliver rich desktop application solutions

In addition to developing interactive web based software and offline application software, we have a team of developers in the desktop application development sphere. Our team is proficient with .NET, Java and PHP language and logic, and provides a variety of effective desktop solutions. Unfortunately, there are many inexperienced people developing websites without the full knowledge, understanding and ability to develop good business solutions for Internet users. We are here to help, and recommend that desktop application solutions is the first step people should take.


Our team are capable of developing a wide range of desktop application solutions, among which email scanner and an application that calculates telephone bills are the most popular.

We develop desktop software for companies ranging from medium to large scale enterprises, and our range of refined programming solutions include mobile apps, ecommerce apps, portal development, desktop apps and several other solutions as per the client’s requirements.


Our .NET and Java
web service expertise:

  • Layered architecture implementation of web services
  • Proficient in developing web services using WSE 2.0
  • Deployment and consumption of web services on the servers with and without proxies
  • Web services along with serialisation