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The Open Source Development tackles the power of dispersed peer review and translucence to develop high mark, secure and easily integrated software at an accelerated pace and lower cost. The primary advantages provided by JTT are choice, flexibility, reliability, security and fast deployment.
With this development process we provide software products that are available with their source codes to study, change, and to improve designs.


What are the Benefits of Open Source Development?

  • Low development cost because the framework/platform comes free of cost and does not involve License fees.
  • Easy availability of rich pool of source codes needed for development of dynamic websites and web applications.
  • Quicker and hassle-free web development because of worldwide developer community back-up.
  • Availability of regular updated versions, which allow the developers to match up with the changing requirements of the end-users.

open source development

Scope of Open Source Customization Services at Apps Masters

We, Apps Masters offers you several benefits including lower development cost, quicker web development, updated versions on regular basis, and better progress, coordination, and communication within the Open Source Community. Our team offers Php Development platforms which could be another generic choice, with 24 hours availability of helps and services, more than what you think. Our developers are well versed in following open source development platforms:



  • Magento


  • Joomla


  • Adobe Flex

    Adobe Flex

  • Zen Cart

    Zen Cart

  • Drupal


  • .NET Cart

    .NET Cart

  • X-Cart


  • Wordpress


  • Prestashop


  • PHP programmer in london



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