To all our Apps Masters™ Inc loyal customers who may have received an email from Skrill Payments Provider
Skrill phishing email

Skrill phishing email

We can confirm that the email communication you received does not originate from Skrill , but is a phishing email.
Phishing emails impersonate well known brands such as ours and aim to extract your personal information by prompting you to login to your account and provide confidential details. Please do not follow the link and do not enter any of your information, as the links in phishing emails do not direct to the genuine Skrill website. If you have already done this, please immediately change the password for your Skrill account. We strongly recommend that you also change the primary email address and disable the current one.
Below are some useful tips that will help you recognize genuine Skrill correspondence: 1) Skrill will never send mails using “Dear Customer” in the greeting. We will always address you by your Last Name or by your First and Last Name, exactly as these are registered in your account profile at Skrill (including spelling); 2) Skrill will never ask you in an email to click on a link which will lead to a screen to enter your personal information; 3) All actions related to your Skrill account are registered and processed on a Skrill webpage. Please make sure to check on the domain name syntax in the address bar of your browser. Only addresses which start with http(s):// are genuine Skrill pages. We strongly recommend that you always login to your wallet account by typing the URL of the website in the address bar yourself.
If you are ever in doubt, please verify with Skrill staff the genuineness of any correspondence before taking actions. Please submit any inquiries directly through the Skrill Help Hub: Thank you.