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The Business Printers

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About The Business Printers

The Business Printers is an exciting new printing company based in London. For months, Apps Masters worked with them on creating a clean and modern website. They offer printing services for business cards, leaflets, posters and so much more. The site gives you the option to design your own on the site itself, upload a previous design made elsewhere or use designs they have provided. The price and quality of the prints go hand in hand. Excellent prices for such high quality print you couldn’t find anywhere else. The services they offer are aimed at everyone, but also a corporate option that has many benefits to it.

The challenge

A website that sells services with many competitors, it’s a must that users are attracted to prices and the quality instantly. From the design of a website you’re already judging the work they will be doing for you. So the website design and advertising prices was key. Although prices are important, it’s important to not lose the advertisement for the quality of the product.

The solution

This was resolved by having the option for users to view all the current offers, as well as placing some on the home page. The main one being the “24 hour dispatch within:” countdown. To be able to print and dispatch within 24 hours is something not many printing companies can do, so The Business Printers really wanted to promote that luxury.


The Business Printers and Apps Masters working together resulted in a really great website. With SEO as well, this website will help TBP gain customers. It’s already brought in a number of clients and as time goes on we know that number will increase.


Website Features

  • Customer Login
  • Online order
  • Payment Gateway
  • Order Tracking
  • Order Updating
  • Design Business Card online
  • Online Editor
  • Corporate Customer panel

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