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About Evaloop

Evaloop is an Android and iOS app, as well as website that tutors and university students can use in their daily lives. Evaloop is the hub that shows the students upcoming classes and allows them to give feedback to tutors. For the tutors, they can also view upcoming classes and request the feedback. It’s a great tool that gets used every day by the students and tutors. Evaloop was created when two tutors, Amar and Theimo, needed a tool to use in their workplace that would be beneficial to both them and the students.

The challenge

Creating a simple and easy to use tool was key. Giving feedback had to be efficient so it would encourage students to do so. There are many ways to collect feedback, but in this case it had to be simple but yet informative to the tutors. Using the app, the tutors request the feedback from the students and the students can open the form at a single swipe from the notification. It opens, and after a few clicks the feedback is done. With either a star rating, 10/10 rating etc. The feedback forms are kept as simple and as time efficient as possible.

The solution

Keeping the feedback simple comes from the tutors themselves by choosing what style of feedback form they want. With the option to create new ones whenever they want or by using an existing one. The website is where the feedback forms get made, but the instantly transfer to the app using the CMS Apps Masters also made them.


Since the release, the app has given more clarity to the tutors about classes students have taken part in, with the feedback forms and checking into classes system. It’s become a tool that is used daily

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