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About Hooktapp

Lawrence approached Apps Masters with the idea of Hooktapp. A website that combines three popular concepts; social networking, online discounts and a market place. The website allows users to scan through online deals of many different categories, such as technology, eating out, fashion etc. Not only that, but users can sell their own items directly from the site.

The challenge

There are many sites out there that give out online discounts (Groupon), market places (eBay, Amazon) and social networking (Twitter, Facebook). So from the get go there was competitors, but very little, if any, websites that have combined the three. Combining three very popular concepts on one website sounds great, but that can result in the website becoming crowded, confusing and messy. It was important to keep the design clean for the best user experience possible.

The solution

With our team of experts, the solution was easy. Although there is always competitors out there, very little have all the concepts combined. That’s where the websites uniqueness comes from. It was now just a case of making sure the website design was neat and easy to navigate through. Making sure users can easily understand what they are able to do on the website.


Together, Apps Masters and Lawrence produced a website that allows users to check out online deals and sell their own things. Rather than having to navigate through two different sites such as Groupon and eBay, you have both all on one site and that’s what makes it so great.

Website Features

  • Social Commerce
  • Online order
  • Payment Gateway
  • Order Tracking
  • Order Updating
  • Social Network
  • Email, Message, Chat
  • Add Friend, Delete and talk to them
  • Share Video, Audio, Status etc
  • Sell the product
  • Online Market Place
  • Unique Seller Dashboard

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