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About OutFunnel

OutFunnel was the name given to an original idea of an iOS and Android social media app/website. The founder, Agata Klimaszewska, came to us at Apps Masters with her idea in mind. The idea being a location based social media app and website that allows users to write posts that will be seen by other app users that are within their location. The posts that appear on the user’s timeline will change depending on your location. For example, posts you may have seen whilst in Manchester, will no longer appear when you come to London Although, you can favourite users, so this means they will appear on your favourite’s timelines and you can see their posts wherever you are. The app is completely location and proximity based but you do have the choice of sharing your full location or just the area. This type of app is extremely beneficial to users who want to see what’s going on in their area, such as traffic near you, shop openings etc.

The Challenge

There are many social media apps already in the market, so to compete with them you have to be unique and make avid social media users interested from the get go. With social media apps, some similarities are inevitable, but with that base layer, OutFunnel was able to shine with the originality it held. Apps Masters were there from the very beginning of this app and website, with the design and development being done by us.

The Solution

The challenges were easily resolved, Agata knew the challenges ahead and put that out there from the very beginning, With Agata’s original ideas and our creative team, OutFunnel blossomed into something amazing and unique.


An app on both iOS and Android that allows users to write posts that get seen by other OutFunnel users within their area. As well as a website that you can use on your desktops.

Website Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Admin Management
  • Social Network

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